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What is DeltaPrime?

DeltaPrime is a decentralised borrowing and investing ecosystem, unlocking trapped liquidity by increasing capital efficiency. On DeltaPrime users can easily deposit and borrow funds to increase the power of their usual DeFi investments. The minimum collateral ratio for these loans is 20%.
Borrowed funds can be used to invest in integrated protocols. As DeltaPrime does not discriminate against protocols, we aim to integrate the vast majority of popular protocols in DeFi, provided that they are considered secure. Right now that assessment is made by the development team. In the future DeltaPrime will become a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), giving you full control over protocol integrations.

Why DeltaPrime?

In April 2022, 50 billion dollars worth of assets were locked in lending protocols. Even now we waste billions of dollars. The vast majority of these funds are locked as collateral, providing little to no value to the crypto community. DeltaPrime returns these funds to the hands of her users. This potential multi-billion dollar liquidity unlocking benefits borrowers, depositors and integrated protocols alike.
When you borrow and invest on DeltaPrime you get:
When you deposit on DeltaPrime you get:
Integrated protocols gain:

How to use DeltaPrime?

Users can interact with the protocol using UI available at
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