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The current lending system is broken.

Traditional lending systems like banks rely on trust and credit checks to ensure loan repayment. When that trust is broken, everyone feels it. This type of lending suffers from:
  • Lack of transparency
  • Tedious credit checks
  • Asset mismanagement
Trustless lending platforms like Aave / Radiant rely on locking high amounts of collateral to ensure loan repayment. This locked liquidity is trapped, harming the chain the platform is in. This type of lending suffers from:
  • High borrow rates
  • Low deposit rates
  • Capital stagnation
Prime Brokerage platforms (read: DeltaPrime) rely on keeping access to borrowed funds to ensure loan repayment. While a borrower can use and profit from their collateral and borrowed funds to use in other DeFi platforms, funds are always accessible by an automated escrow smart contract. This ensures trustless loan repayment, without the need for credit checks. This leads to:
  • Trustless lending
  • High deposit rates
  • High capital efficiency
On the need for a new lending system. May 3rd, 2023.

What is DeltaPrime?

DeltaPrime is a decentralised borrowing and investing ecosystem, unlocking trapped liquidity on the chains it operates on. On DeltaPrime users can easily deposit and borrow funds to increase the power of their usual DeFi investments. The minimum collateral ratio for these loans is 20%.
Borrowed funds can be used to invest in integrated protocols. Every platform can be integrated as long as they are safe and liquid.

Why DeltaPrime?

Every year, tens of billions of dollars worth of assets are locked in lending platforms. The vast majority of these funds are locked as collateral, providing little to no value to the crypto community. DeltaPrime returns these funds to the hands of her users. This benefits borrowers, depositors, and integrated platforms alike.
When you borrow on DeltaPrime you get:
When you deposit on DeltaPrime you get:
When you get integrated on DeltaPrime you get:
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