Withdrawing & Withdrawal Guard

Withdrawal guard

The Withdrawal Guard is one of DeltaPrime's main safety features, protecting depositor funds against known and unknown attacks. You can read more about the background of the withdrawal guard in here. This segment discusses what to do if the withdrawal guard prevents withdrawing.

The origin

Not all 'borrowed' is covered by its 'balance'. Update missing balance(s) to withdraw. Read more.

When you get this message, it might help to see visually what this entails. If you were confused and pressed "Read more", you ended up here. Welcome! Here is what it means and how you solve it in order to withdraw:

Imagine you have 1000 USDC in your Prime Account with 300 borrowed USDt deposited in a farm:

If you try to withdraw any USDC, the withdrawal guard will prevent this. The following error message will be shown.

This happens because some assets have borrowed value larger than the balance. While USDC is covered, with a Balance (1000) larger than Borrowed (0), for USDT, this is not the case. USDT's Balance (0) is smaller than Borrowed (300).

How to solve this

To unlock withdrawing, the Balance must be larger than the Borrowed for every borrowed asset. In this case, only USDT has been borrowed, so that asset needs to cover its Balance value by at least its Borrowed value.

There are two ways to solve this.

  • Withdraw farmed or LP positions to increase the balance.

  • Swap any other asset to the borrowed asset to increase the balance.

In this example, we swap 301 USDC for 301 USDT. This brings our balances to the following values:

After the swap, we have USDC assets with a Balance (699) bigger than Borrowed (0), and we have USDT assets with Balance (301) bigger than Borrowed (300).

Success! Withdrawing is now unlocked.

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