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Similar to other decentralized liquidity protocols, borrowers put down collateral, prior to borrowing funds. With DeltaPrime however, you can borrow up to 5 times the amount of your collateral. This is what makes DeltaPrime undercollateralized and in turn capital efficient. Although your deposited collateral will not earn APY on its own-DeltaPrime does not lend out your collateral-, you can use your collateral within your Prime Account in the same way as you use borrowed funds.
By investing your collateral and borrowed funds simultaneously, you unlock the full power of your capital and literally multiply your returns.
You can earn yield over your collateral by providing it to a liquidity pool or farm within your Prime Account.

How to add Collateral

In order to borrow, you first need to add collateral. Collateral can be added in every token that has a borrowing power of 1x or higher and does not necessarily have to be in the same token as you are borrowing. You can even add LP tokens as collateral for your Prime Account. To add collateral, press the + button in the row of the (LP)token you want to add to your Prime Account to deposit your collateral.

How to borrow

Press the ... button in the row of the token you want to borrow and press "Borrow". A screen pops up in which you can enter the desired borrowing amount. Before pressing borrow you can see the Health Ratio and Balance you will end up with.
Keep in mind that the amount that you can borrow is dependent on the Borrowing Power of all assets in your Prime Account combined.