Prime Account

Your Prime Account is your main hub within the DeltaPrime Ecosystem. It consists of your account overview, your portfolio and your history. It is the central place from where you manage your borrows and collateral, make trades, stake liquidity and create LP tokens. It is also the place where you can find and invest all integrated protocols.

Dedicated Smart Contract

When you create your Prime Account, a new, dedicated smart contract is created on the blockchain with it. Any borrows, as well as your own collateral is sent to this contract. As the account-holder, you are the sole owner of this smart contract. Through interacting with your Prime Account you decide what the contract does. Should it trade AVAX for LINK or back? Should it stake all your borrowed funds for a higher return? You are the only one who decides what happens with the funds in your Prime Account.


At the same time, the smart contract of your Prime Account has safety features built in. It is, for example, impossible to send all borrowed funds to your own personal wallet. Neither can you create your own token and invest borrowed funds into that to rug yourself. The smart contract has safety measures in place like liquidation bots and a list of allowed protocols to make sure that any degen investments only risk your own funds.


Prime Accounts work fully cross-margin: No matter the pools you borrow from or investments you make, your health factor is calculated over the full combination of your passive and active investments. By using cross-margin, you soften potential effects of sudden price spikes in one specific asset.