For the longest time, DeltaPrime had been built with external capital by a small team, together with the support of our community. In order to further scale DeltaPrime, while getting the community in on the action, we now created two tokens: $PRIME and $sPRIME. These tokens, with $sPRIME being the star player, will allow DeltaPrime to retain its sustainable business model while simultaneously rewarding DeltaPrime’s biggest supporters.

True to our cause, DeltaPrime’s tokenomics adheres to three major values we hold dear:

  • Efficient (unlocking idle liquidity within $sPRIME is rewarded)

  • Sustainable (token value stems from protocol value + holder activity, not the other way around)

  • Useful (Prime Features, liquidation bot staking, governance)

In this docs you will read how every element is integrated into the tokenomics. As minor values, we attempt to make the tokenomics as understandable and accessible as possible. $PRIME and $sPRIME should align its owners further than just “price go up”. Instead, they should be a binding factor and work towards the common goal of unlocking the trapped liquidity from overcollateralized platforms. This is how we move DeFi capital efficiency into a new era.

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