DeltaPrime allows for a range of new and unique strategies on Avalanche (as well as redefining an old one: #Efficient OC)

In the following subpages, a couple of popular investing strategies are shared. Every strategy is accompanied by a practical example, getting deeper into the risk and rewards of the specific strategy. Note that the goal of sharing these strategies is not to 1-on-1 get you to copy them. Instead, they aim to spark your creativity, in order to help you find a strategy that best fits your needs.

Also note that the examples are with random numbers and assets (unless otherwise stated). Whether a strategy is beneficial to you depends on a great number of things, including, but not limited to: Your desired risk/reward, your bag size, your investment goals, your knowledge about underlying protocols, the effort/time you have available to actively manage your portfolio, etc.

Some strategies are easier than others. Yet by far, the simplest strategy is to provide liquidity to DeltaPrime's liquidity pools. In doing so, you get other investors to manage your portfolio for you: Single click, no impermanent loss, and your funds are directly protected by liquidation bots. Now isn't that neat?

Not convinced? Want to get everything out of your Prime Account instead? Great. Grab yourself a beer or coffee; find a pen and paper and let's dive in.

Down the rabbit hole we go.

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