Using a public blockchain, especially during periods of high network activity, can sometimes be very expensive. DeltaPrime mainly lowers gas costs through the use of a Diamond Beacon Proxy Pattern and Redstone data feeds.

Diamond Beacon Proxy Pattern

The Deployment of Dedicated Smart Contracts is one of the core innovations of the DeltaPrime protocol, essential for providing undercollateralized loans. Deploying these logic filled contracts would normally be an expensive operation. An additional challenge would arise when trying to add integrations to DeltaPrime, as these contracts would be unable to interact with newly implemented features. These challenges are overcome by the use of a beacon proxy pattern. Instead of redeploying the same smart contract over and over again, one "blueprint" (beacon) smart contract is deployed to the network. This contract contains all necessary logic and integrations. Prime Accounts use this contract to perform any logical operations, at the same time being able to keep their state separated. This state holds all personal information of the Prime Account, like the tokens and stakes. This solution is way cheaper than deploying all of the contract logic for every Prime Account. It also allows for upgrading contracts, enabling users to interact with new integrations when they are deployed to DeltaPrime. This is what makes DeltaPrime future-proof.

The community and users will always be informed about new upgrades. Additionally we will soon introduce a time lock for changes. That way users are in full control on whether to keep or withdraw their funds regarding new logic. In the future, custody of contracts logic will be handed over to the DeltaPrime DAO

Redstone data-feeds

Most of the operations performed in the DeltaPrime protocol require accurate pricing data of assets. In a standard oracle solution data feeds are fetched from a dedicated oracle contract. Calling another contract on a blockchain is an expensive operation which causes transaction costs to increase significantly. RedStone oracle uses an innovative model of providing signed data feeds with a transaction. This is far more efficient, as providing additional data to a transaction is very cheap compared to calling another contract. DeltaPrime contracts check if the data feeds were signed by trusted signers to ensure that data was not manipulated.

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