Total Supply

40mm $PRIME (Cliff / Vesting in months starting at TGE)


12.597.778 $PRIME (0/0)

Community Owned Liquidity (COL) + locked sPRIME Airdrops. Locked sPRIME airdrops are designed to increase adoption, without increasing inflation. More on how this works in the $sPRIME section. At TGE, 10% of total supply (31.8% of community allocation) will be used for COL. Initial $sPRIME airdrops will come from the launchpads / IEO allocation.

DAO Treasury

8.000.000 $PRIME (12/12)

Over time, DeltaPrime will turn into a full DAO, where the community decides on its development. In order to provide the DAO with the freedom to develop DeltaPrime in their preferred direction, a part of the tokens will be reserved for the DAO to decide on. To prevent tyranny, this treasury will only become available to the DAO once 40% of all $PRIME tokens are in circulation and DeltaPrime has fully decentralized governance. Until then, the DAO treasury will not be used.


6.400.000 $PRIME (12/24)

Core team allocation for 3+ years of development without guarantee of success.


2.000.000 $PRIME (12/12)

Allocation for DeltaPrime advisors, which had and have a significant impact on DeltaPrime’s successful development.

Private seed

700.000 $PRIME (6+/6+)

pre-TGE Contributors who receive a discount for locking and vesting their $PRIME over 12 months.


924.444 $PRIME (8/8)

Both private and community contributors, supporting DeltaPrime in late 2023.


1.866.667 $PRIME (8/8)

Earliest contributors, took extreme risk to support DeltaPrime in development and team expansions.


228.571 $PRIME (12/12)

A 300k grant has been provided by the Avalanche foundation in our early days. This came with an option to buy the token back at a discounted price up to the grant amount in the future. While there is no set date for this, we do reserve a part of the allocation for this grant.


571.429 $PRIME (0/0)

$PRIME used to bootstrap DEX liquidity at launch. This is matched with 100% of the launchpad proceeds and 50% of the Community Seed proceeds.


444.444 $PRIME (0/6)

Allows early community members to contribute to DeltaPrime liquidity pools, and get in early at the best no-cliff $PRIME rate. 100% of liquidity raised from launchpads ($500.000) will be matched with IEO to deepen liquidity pools at TGE.

Community Seed

666.667 $PRIME (6/6)

The first raise open to all community members. They receive a discount based on 1) cliff, 2) vesting, 3) decentralized party. 50% of these funds ($250k) will be matched with IEO to deepen liquidity pools at TGE.


800.000 $PRIME (0/0)

$Prime allocated to individuals who find critical severity bugs in the code. Informational to high severity bugs will be covered in FIAT instead. This allocation has no cliff / vest, as, while none has been found so far, we should not assume the number of these bugs found upfront.

Ecosystem growth

4.800.000 $PRIME (0/0)

$PRIME allocated to the growth of the DeltaPrime ecosystem, whether through Market Making (MM) on future CEXs for price stability, or providing grants to partnered protocols and contributing community members. This allocation has no cliff / vest, due to CEX market making requiring a large allocation at once (however, inflation can still be managed based on the market making strategy decided upon.

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