Business Model

DeltaPrime aims to be completely transparent in her business model. Currently, DeltaPrime charges solely liquidation fees (up to 16.67% on liquidated amount) through its liquidation bots. As DeltaPrime functions on grant and investment money, we can focus on developing the best possible product, without charging every users for use of the protocol.

In the future, DeltaPrime will generate profit through the fees listed below. All our users will be notified through our socials at least 7 days before implementation of a sustainable fee model.

All numbers are subject to change. Exact numbers will be notified through our Discord

Future cashflows:

  • Transaction fee: fee on transactions (~0.015%)

  • Interest fee: Spread on the borrowing/depositing rate (~15% on paid interest)

  • Success fee: Spread on profits withdrawn from DeltaPrime (TBD)

  • $PRIME Store: profits generated through $PRIME services

While the numbers for an individual user might seem small, with volume this model allows DeltaPrime to be completely self-sustainable while generating profits for $PRIME holders. As an indication, in February 2023 one month after launch, DeltaPrime put a 10% spread on the USDC pool for 5 days (to kickoff the stability pool). This spread accumulated ~$1000 in revenue every 24h.

$PRIME Store

Additional brime brokerage services can be bought in the $PRIME Store when released. By spending $PRIME you get access to upgrades that can:

  • lower fees

  • unlock additional leverage

  • unlock additional tokens

  • improve your performance tracking

  • notify you of important portfolio updates

  • and more...

Services that are free, but will in the future be purchasable, can be recognized with a little yellow star. Hovering over the star shows that you have access to a Prime Feature.

The $PRIME store will generate sustainable protocol revenue, take $PRIME out of circulation, allow you to create your personal DeltaPrime experience, and will reward loyal investors.

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