Depositing in DeltaPrime's liquidity pools means depositing in a capital-efficient pool while staying protected by liquidation bots. In contrast to other liquidity protocols, deposits in DeltaPrime's liquidity pools get lent out to other users, without the need for them to put extra value in. In doing so, you know that your liquidity is being put to good use.
This also means that deposited funds do not automatically get counted as collateral to borrow against. In order to put down collateral on DeltaPrime, read the Adding Collateral section.
DeltaPrime's liquidity pools are fully decentralized. Depositors and borrowers use token-specific liquidity pools to deposit and borrow funds. As a depositor you lend out AVAX or USDC to make reliable returns in the form of APY. Contrary to overcollateralized protocols, you cannot borrow against these assets. Borrowing is only possible within the Prime Account. On the upside, depositing on DeltaPrime is expected to generate the highest yields available in liquidation-protected protocols.
While the protocol protects your funds, borrowers will put your capital to work, in order to generate profits for themselves. They will pay you a more stable return in exchange for lending out your funds. If a borrower's investments make a change for the worse, they will be liquidated to ensure your funds stay safe.
Funds deposited in the liquidity pools do not count as collateral. For information on how to add collateral, go to the borrowing section.